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Then EARN EXTRA MONEY as a Field Inspector!!!!

At one point or another, every home and business in the United States will require an insurance inspection, insurance loss draft inspection, mortgage inspection or merchant site inspection. Now, with the number of foreclosures on the rise, there is an even greater demand for Field Inspectors in the mortgage and insurance industries.

Field Inspectors act as the "eyes and ears" for insurance carriers, mortgage companies and others wanting to know the physical condition of a property that they have a vested financial interest. Basically, a Field Inspector is responsible for photographing and reporting on the condition of a property. There are many different types of field inspections, the most common are insurance inspections and drive-by condition reports. For more information on inspection types, then select on the Inspection Types link above.

A great way to begin a career in the Field Inspection Industry is to contact a Field Inspection Company. Field Inspection Companies are hired by insurance carriers, mortgage companies and others to perform the field inspection.  These Field Inspection Companies, then in turn, hire Field Inspectors to perform the actual "on-site" physical inspection. Think of a Field Inspection Company as the middleman.

Although each Field Inspection Company has its own set of procedural rules and order management systems, all of them basically follow the same format - you decide which cities you will perform inspections in; they send you the inspection orders; you complete the inspection; you submit your results; and then you get paid for your work. For more information about the nuances of the industry, then select on the Industry Overview link above.

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